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My cousin is a stay at home mom. SAHMs are few and far between where I live, since every child goes to kindergarten (for a small fee) from 2 years old. But my cousin has chosen to stay at home. Her husband is making lots of money - which is necessary if you are going to live on one salary. Until now, the only SAHMs I've known of have not gone out to work again after childbirth because they are uneducated or have such personal problems that they can't cope with working. Everyone else wants to work. So, why does my intelligent cousin want to stay at home? Yeah, I know that she wants to 'be there for her children' - but why doesn't her husband take that role? Why her? And why does she, who has a husband that is educated in USA and they are both right wing in politics, want to do it 'the American way'? To explain: for me stay at home mom's today are something that is only done in USA.

I do not like the idea of women staying at home. My mother never worked again after having children. There is only two of us and I'm 40. It's been a while since I left home! But she is still at home, cleaning the house. I do not have an ounce of respect for her, never have. I remember wishing that she would get an education, get a job, do something that would make me able to look up to her. But she just cleaned and watched TV and did some cross-stitching. What kind of a role model is that?

What do you think of stay at home moms?
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