princsscybermob (princsscybermob) wrote in cf_feminist,

inconsiderate mothers

I'm not saying that all mothers are inconsiderate all the time, but some are and some are some of the time. (Why the disclaimer? Am I still afraid of being attacked?)

Anyhow, I was visiting my cousin today and she said it was time to change her 6month old diapers and said to me that I should come with her to do that. I reclined smilingly and said that I would just wait in the kitchen. "NO! Keep me company!" So, I trotted along and had to witness the (thankfully not smelling) diaper change.

Some months ago I was with a friend at a café and she had brought her baby with her. I had managed to be nice about it but when my friend changed her baby's diaper right there at the table I was shocked.

Why do they think that we want to witness the diaper change? Do they think it will be good for our appetite? Are they so eager to show their daughter's crotches?

These to women know that I am childless by choice - the cousin helped me when I had an abortion and knows everything there is to know about my decision.

What is the matter with them?

Are there rolleyed smilies around here somewhere?
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