"A Diarist...with a Megaphone" (redheadedfemme) wrote in cf_feminist,
"A Diarist...with a Megaphone"

What's With This?

I'm not sure of the etiquette here as regards to speaking about other communities, so if this post isn't kosher, please tell me.

I'm glad to be here. I had also applied to join another feminist community, far larger than this one. (This community fits my personal outlook better, but I like a variety of viewpoints.) The requirements there, as far as I could tell, were similar to here. One of the specific criteria mentioned is length of journal account. I assumed this meant I would have to be around long enough to be evaluated, so I kept applying--even after a couple of turndowns--with the thought that, given enough time, I would be accepted.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The third or fourth time I applied, I went to click on the link and received the following response (not word for word, but close enough):

"You have been banned from joining this community."

This floored me. After thinking about it, I started wondering if there wasn't another, less flattering reason for my dismissal (other than the fact that they might not have been letting anyone join, but if that was the case, they should have said so). I've posted a couple of times on Faith Feminists. These posts are in my journal for anyone to see.

Therefore, I'm wondering if the moderators saw those posts and wouldn't let me join because my views didn't agree with their ideology.

I may be off base on this. Perhaps I'm too full of myself, and am reading things that aren't there. Nevertheless, when reading the aforementioned community (it's still on my f-list), I received--and still have--the impression that they need some fresh blood. I think you can respectfully disagree with some feminist ideas and continue to call yourself a feminist (for example, I personally would never have an abortion, but I would never tell anyone else they couldn't). At any rate, it seems rude, to say the least, to cut me off with no explanation and no chance to defend myself.
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