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The ChildFree Decision

There is probably more than one reason that I don't want to have children. Number one has to be that I simply never wanted to. I don't remember talking about 'when I'll be all grown up and have my own children' or having any kinds of daydreams/plans that included having kids. Just never entered my mind, it seems.

Then there is the message I got from my parents: that children are in the way, inconvenient, loud and boring. I think this may be the only message that I took to heart and sometimes I think that I should do some therapy on that which might lead to me changing my mind. (But I don't really want to change my mind! So there!)

Getting that message from my parents means that I was made to feel in the way and boring. Especially boring. And a nuisance. I wouldn't want to inflict that kind of pain on a child.

I do think I would be a lousy mother. Hurting the child in numerous ways (see above) - and probably physically as well. Like my parents did to me. Again: don't want to subject a child to that.

I really dislike some children. The loud ones in particular, the smelly ones too. (Why do they always have to touch everything with their dirty fingers?) I used to actively hate most children but since I've gotten to know a number of them I can say that some children I like, maybe even most children when they behave.

I've never liked babies. They are kind of non-persons to me. They can't talk and hardly interact with people at all. I like people to talk and be sensible. Babies are not.
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