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Well, let's see, I promised a short bio or something early, so I'll do that then add on a piece that I think everyone here can appreciate.

I'm 19 and originally from the Boston area. I'm currently residing in Ohio working on a bachelor's in zoology. I'm a writer, I write poetry and fiction, occasionally a rant or a ramble based around events in my life. I have been adamant about not having children for about 5 years now mainly because I don't feel that I am mother material. I look forward to hearing from everyone!


Don't think you can tread on me-
Deflate my hopes, or shoot down my dreams-
I may be all female-
Down to the core of the being in this shell-
But I am stronger than I look-
In ways you could never hope to know-
So this shell comes with protruding mammary glands-
And I can carry life to sponsor another generation-
Does that make me so different from you?
Are my hopes less valid-
And my aspirations not worth fighting for-
I'm not playing the role of damsel in distress-
I won't sit down and watch you run the world-
I won't let you carry my things-
Don't think I need you to buy my lunch-
My bank account is functioning just fine-
I'm independent and unruly-
I'm capable of living without you-
So, now I know what you're thinking-
There's no woman without the man, right?
Let me get this through to you-
Without woman, there wouldn't be another man.

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Do you tell people that you aren't going to have children? How do they react? My guess is that you'll hear a lot of 'Oh, you are so young, you will change your mind one day and HAVE BABIES'. - At least that was I got a lot when I was your age (oh and well into my thirties!).
Most of the time it's "you're young, maybe you'll meet Mr Right and change your mind." It's humorous now because if there is a Mr Right for me then I have him, and he doesn't want kids either, which makes my life a whole lot easier.